Data sources


To ensure completeness and reliability, primary and not interpreted by experts evidence of technology development became the basis for the research:

  • published scientific articles;
  • obtained patents;
  • investments in technology companies;
  • vacancies and resumes;
  • publications in the media and press releases of telecommunications and IT companies;
  • user search queries.

A holistic analysis of all types of sources gives a comprehensive overview of information and communication technologies development, from fundamental and scientific problems to their practical application in products and solutions.

Analysis of the content of scientific publications shows the level of interest of the scientific community in certain topics.

Источники данных
Fig.: Data Sources for Global Digitalization Trends Monitoring 2019

Patent analysis demonstrates transition of interest in the subject from theory to practice.
Investment analysis shows the level of investors’ readiness to finance technology startups in certain areas.
Analysis of transactions, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions demonstrates investment opportunities, which affect the probability and speed of trends implementation in everyday life.
Labor market analysis gives an idea of demand for technologies in the professional environment. Results analysis provides a ground for estimation of deficit or surplus of human resources in each trend, and determination of promising areas for competencies increase.
Analysis of references in the industry media and search queries indicates the interest of the general public in mass adoption of solutions based on certain trends.